2020 Papers

Reviewed Papers

Paper #08
Spatiotemporal correlation between fault tests statistics in integrated GPS time-differenced carrier phase observations with INS
Ali Almagbile

Paper #10
A Comparative Evaluation of Wi-Fi RTT and GPS Based Positioning
Yuntian Brian Bai, Allison Kealy, Guenther Retscher and Lucas Hoden

Paper #27
Multi-frequency Multi-GNSS PPP: A Comparison of Two Ambiguity Resolution Methods<br />Viet Duong, Ken Harima, Suelynn Choy and Chris Rizos

Paper #20
Evaluation of integrity availability based on classic RAIM in different urban environments for stand alone GPS and multi-sensor solutions
Jelena Gabela, Allison Kealy, Xavier Bachelet, William Moran and Mark Hedley

Paper #29
A Measurement Campaign for Cooperative Positioning Architecture Based on GNSS and Local Positioning System
Jelena Gabela, Elizabeth Smith, Shenghong Li, Allison Kealy, Mark Hedley, Wei Ni, Andrew Dempster and Joon Wayn Cheong

Paper #07
UWB Cooperative Localization of Pedestrians along a Constrained Building Hallway
Salil Goel, Jelena Gabela, Guenther Retscher, Charles Toth, Andrea Masiero and Allison Kealy

Paper #13
Celestial Fix as a Generalized Eigenvalue Problem
Hatem Hmam

Paper #02
Assessment of AUSPOS Performance in New South Wales, Australia
Volker Janssen and Simon McElroy

Paper #05
Performance Analysis of GAGAN and Trimble RTX Satellite Based Augmentation Services in Respective to Equatorial Ionospheric Conditions
Jenan Rajavarathan, Thilantha Dammalage, Guenther Retscher and Allison Kealy

Paper #49
Assessment of the New DFMC and PPP services of the second-generation SBAS in the Mining and Urban environments
Kan Wang, Ahmed El-Mowafy, Mehdi Khaki, Troy Sutherland and Eldar Rubinov


Unreviewed Papers

Paper #03
Determination on the sea surface height using ship-borne GPS
Ta-Kang Yeh, Hsuan-Chang Shih, Yujun Du and Yan-Ruei Wu